10 Ideas For An Epic Summer With Your Dog

 The sunny weather gives you plenty of perfect days to enjoy with your dog. While your pup will be perfectly happy with their regular walks and the occasional visit to the dog park, summer is the best time to go on a trip or try something new. Here are 10 ideas for a summer that neither of you will soon forget.

1. Head for the Beach

Chances are, you’ll find a pet-friendly beach that’s only a quick trip away. You’ll surely delight in how much your pup will enjoy the sand and surf.

Make sure you use a long leash to give them the freedom to have their fun but also keep them from running too far away.

2. Plan a Road Trip

If your dog loves car rides, a road trip would be perfect! Select a destination and just get on the open road!

If you’re going far enough, make sure to research pet-friendly accommodations. Remember to bring some of their favorite dog toys just in case they get bored along the way.

3. Go on a Hiking Trip

Summer is the best time for a hike, and your dog will enjoy exploring a new place. Just make sure you get a good dog harness to give you reasonable control and keep your pup comfortable. Don't forget to pack a bottle of water to ensure they are hydrated!


4. Enjoy a Stay-cation

Find a resort, hotel, or bed and breakfast that welcome dogs so you can pamper yourselves with a proper stay-cation. You can stay in, relax, and enjoy some of the amenities with your pup.

This is especially perfect if you have a short-nosed dog like a French Bulldog or a Pug, who might have a difficult time under the hot sun.

5. Set up a Pool

If you have the space for it at home, buy a dog-safe pool and fill it up with water for your dog to play in. Then, invite some of their friends over for playdates over the entire summer. They’ll all be able to keep cool and have tons of fun at the same time.

6. Build an Instagram Following

If you enjoy playing dress-up, make it your mission to build an Instagram following for your pup this summer. Dress them up in cool dog clothes and see how many likes you get for your #dootd (dog outfit of the day).

7. Join a Club

Find a group of like-minded, dog-loving people, and spend some time with them over the summer. You’ll be able to engage in activities, and both you and your pup can make new friends.

You can check the American Kennel Club directory or if you’re outside the US, your local kennel club’s website. Or, you can find an informal club in your neighborhood. If there isn’t any, perhaps you’re the best person to start it!

8. Learn a Trick

Think of a complicated trick you’d like your pup to learn this summer and break it down into steps. It’s a great way to bond and give your dog ample mental stimulation.

9. Take up a Sport

There are a variety of canine sports you can take up no matter what breed of dog you have. If your dog likes the water, dock diving might be a good option. If they run really fast, look into flyball.

Engaging in dog sports requires dedication, but it’s an excellent way to bond with your dog and make friends with other dogs and their parents.


10. Train for Therapy Dog Certification

Training your pup to be a therapy dog won’t just help you or a friend out in difficult times. You, as a dog-and-handler team, can volunteer in various places like hospitals and nursing homes to provide comfort to those in need.

AKC offers a Therapy Dog Program for those in the United States. Around the world, there are plenty of similar programs.

Summer brings in plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sun or engage in new activities. No matter what you decide to do, always keep in mind that the weather might be harsh on your pup.

Watch out for signs of heat exhaustion and always give them access to fresh drinking water. Other than that, enjoy what could be your best summer ever!

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