Female Dog Names for Pit Bulls

‘A rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet.’ When deciding on a name for your beautiful girl pit bull, you want it to be unique and reflect her strength and grace.

But whatever name you choose, it's hopefully one you'll be using for a few years, so you want to make it a good one.

Here are just a few of the breeds that fall under the umbrella term ‘Pit bull:

  • American Pit bull terrier
  • Staffordshire bull terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • American Bully, and a few others.

Names for male pit bulls are often very tough, and there's no reason female pit bull names can’t be tough, too. While this article mostly focuses on female pit bull names, some can be unisex.

A female pitbull

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Badass Pitbull names

Bella - Bella means beautiful in some Latin languages. One of the more popular pit bull names, but it can also be short for ‘belladonna,’ a poisonous flower used for cosmetic and murderous purposes.

Roxy - Roxy means ‘dawn.’ It's also a name with a lot of punk spirit, a good name for a boisterous pit bull with attitude.

Keena - Keena is a Celtic girl’s name that literally means ‘Brave or fearless.’ It's a good name for strong female pit bulls.

Rebel - A name that tells it like it is. Whether it's for a rambunctious puppy or a strong-willed lady, this name has connotations of a strong spirit and attitude.

Furiosa - A recognizable name of one of the toughest female characters from Mad Max. While there are lots of names of badass female characters, maybe you have another favorite; this is a name that stands out all by itself as a ‘no-nonsense’ name.

Athletic Pit bull names

Olympia - Olympia was a sacred site where the Olympic Games began in ancient Greece. It is a name with a lot of triumph, majesty, and sportsmanship behind it.

Serena - Naming your dog after a famous athlete is relatively common. So why not name your female pit bull after one of the most famous female athletes ‘Serena Williams’ the world-renowned Tennis star and household name? The name also means ‘calm’ for a well-behaved but energetic pit bull.

Nike - Nike was the Greek Goddess of victory and was worshiped by sportsmen for centuries who would pray to her for victory on the sports field and track. Even today, her name lives on in the popular shoe brand—a good one for sporty pit bulls.

Rookie - A Rookie is somebody who is normally new to a sport; it's a good name for a pit bull who is maybe just a little bit goofy but has a lot of potential.

Mitt/Mittie - A catcher’s mitt is often a prized possession and may hold some fond childhood memories for you. It’s a good, sweet name for pit bulls that are fond family pets who love running and playing with you and your family.

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Mythological Pit Bull Names

Athena - Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare. The Parthenon in Greece was dedicated to her as a place to pray for victory in war. This name has connotations of classical antiquity, Greek mythology, and power.

Venus - The Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus is most famous for being a muse for many of the classical artists, with many paintings and sculptures depicting her. If you have a particularly beautiful pit bull, this is an excellent name to honor her.

Artemis - In Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of hunting, nature, and girlhood. If your pit bull loves being outdoors with you, or loves to chase, maybe consider naming her after this goddess.

Freya/Freja - If you’re tired of Greek mythology, you could always name your dog after Freya, who was the Norse goddess of love and war. A good one if you’re interested in a warrior’s name for your strong lady pit bull.

Syn - Syn was the name of the Norse goddess who guarded Frigg’s hall. Her name means ‘refusal’. If you’re looking for a tough name for a guard dog, then you’ve found it.

Historical Pit Bull Names

Laurel - This one is not as obvious, but victory wreaths that were handed out in ancient Rome were normally made of laurel leaves, hence the name ‘Victory Laurel.’ The bush itself is quite pretty, too.

Sallie - Sallie was the name of the pit bull mascot of the 11th Pennsylvania Infantry during the American Civil War and gave her life defending a group of wounded soldiers. A historically good girl.

Sheba - The Queen of Sheba was a rich and seemingly important queen in biblical times who visited King Solomon. It's a name that exudes the wealth and prominence of ancient royalty.

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Duchess - Not one of the tough female pitbull names, but Duchess has a certain regality to it, more so than some other title names such as ‘Princess’ or ‘Lady.’

Laika - Laika means ‘Little Barking One’ and was the name of the first dog ever launched into space. While not the happiest story, Laika is partially responsible for many of the scientific advancements we have today. A wonderful dog to honor.

Cute Pit Bull Names

Nari - The Korean word for ‘lily,’ it is a soft name for a sweet, girly dog that's a little bit more unique than some of the standard flower names—a nice name for a charming personality.

Pepper - Whether you have in mind a little, round peppercorn or a spicy pepper, it is a cute name that still has a little bit of spunk to it. 

Mochi - A sweet Japanese confection that has slowly made its way to the States. It tends to be squishy on the outside and filled with sweet paste or ice cream on the inside—a good name for a pit bull that’s sweet inside and out.

Peaches - Round, sweet, and covered in fuzz, the perfect name for an energetic young pup that still manages to be the most adorable thing around.

Chica - Chica is an affectionate way to call someone a young girl in many Spanish-speaking countries. It really rolls off the tongue and can be quite the cute nickname.

Pit Bull Names Based on Coat Color

White Pit Bulls 

Daisy - These little white flowers are a very popular choice of name for both people and pets. Otherwise, you can always refer to the Disney Duck or The Great Gatsby.

Bianca - This name literally means ‘White’ in Italian and has been a popular girl’s name for centuries.

Milkshake - Sweet and creamy; this may be a good name for a dog with a few different parts, such as a pit mix.

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Black pit bulls

Nyx - Nyx is the Greek goddess and personification of night; it gives an air of danger and mystery.

Anise - A dark and fragrant spice with a bit of an aniseed flavor for a spicy and sweet dog.

Morticia - One of the more iconic gothic characters, Morticia Addams, is a beloved household name.

Blue Pit Bulls

Pebble - Whether you’re thinking of the baby Flintstone or a smooth, gray beach pebble, it’s clear that pebble is a good name for something small and precious.

Indigo - A deep shade of blue.

Misty/Smoky - Something gray and delicate but with enough mystery to be tantalizing.

Fawn Pit Bulls

Sandy - A fun, beachy name for a sporty girl.

Sienna - Sienna is a lovely shade of brown as well as sounding similar to a sunny region in Italy.

Penny - Pennies are small, brown, and something you’d be happy to see, just like your beloved pup.

Brindle Pit Bulls

Maple - A sweet syrup and a beautiful color.

Hazel - Another pretty plant with medicinal purposes, as well as a tasty little nut.

Pixel - To match the patchiness of her brindle coat. It's the most adorable TV static you’ll see.

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Out of all the dog breeds, it can be difficult to find female pit bull names that encapsulate their tough and beautiful sides, but we hope we’ve given you some ideas. Whatever you choose for your pit bull’s name, we’re sure you will make a good choice for your good girl.

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