10 Reasons Why Bulldogs Are Beautiful

It's so hard to get over how adorable these pups are, here are 10 reasons why Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day should be extended to every day!

1) They’re irresistibly cute.

Poppy and Flo wearing the Woof Dog Hoodie in White and Black
Poppy and Flo wearing the Woof Dog Hoodie in White and Black.


If you don’t think bulldogs are cute, have you even seen one? Their wrinkly face, droopy eyes, and saggy jowls are incredibly irresistible.

Add to that having their hefty bodies don adorable dog clothes with their pudgy paws jutting out of the sleeves, and you have a dog that can instantly melt your heart.
Given their precious looks, it’s really no wonder why they consistently rank among the top 5 most popular breeds based on American Kennel Club rankings. While the English bulldog typically ranks the 5th most popular dog in the country, the French bulldog often ranks one level higher at 4th place.


2) They have a lighthearted personality.

Peaches the Bulldog wearing the Broken Teddy Bear Dog Hoodie in Black
Peaches the Bulldog wearing the Broken Teddy Bear Dog Hoodie in Black.


With bulldogs, what you see often isn’t what you’ll get. On social media, they’re frequently seen as stony-faced pups donning gold dog chains or snazzy dog hoodies. However, their personalities are actually pretty gleeful.
Although their faces might always show a sad, maybe even serious expression, bulldogs are actually cheerful and enjoyable dogs. Their fun-loving personality and goofy antics make every day with them especially memorable. 


3) They’re excellent with children.

Crosby the Frenchie getting a kiss from his brother while wearing the WOOF Dog Hoodie in Red
Crosby the Frenchie getting a kiss from his brother while wearing the WOOF Dog Hoodie in Red.


Despite their history in bullbaiting, bulldogs are not known for aggressive behaviors. In fact, they’re so even-tempered that they’re among the best breeds for families with small children.
Both French bulldogs and English bulldogs are generally known to be excellent with children. Not only are they gentle with them but also are incredibly patient.

They will tolerate children’s sometimes careless styles of play, even when they climb on their bodies and tug at their wrinkly faces.


4) They’re pretty lazy.

Maxi the Grey Frenchie snuggled up in bed in her Red, White, and Navy Dog Hoodie
Maxi the Grey Frenchie snuggled up in bed in her Red, White, and Navy Dog Hoodie.


Describe your ideal day off. If lazing about in your jammies all day sounds so much better than going on a long hike, a bulldog is probably a suitable companion.
Unlike many other breeds, bulldogs don’t require plenty of physical exercise. Although walks and leisurely trips are always welcome, bulldog breeds are content to just play couch potato with you.

In fact, Frenchies are known to be fast asleep for more than half a day. They especially like lounging around if they have you for a warm snuggle.


5) They’re highly adaptable.

Hugo the Frenchie wearing the Star Print Reflective Dog Windbreaker to cope with the snow
Hugo the Frenchie wearing the Star Print Reflective Dog Windbreaker to cope with the snow.


Bulldog breeds can thrive in many settings. They’ll be happy in homes with large spaces to explore independently, but also are perfectly content living in an apartment.

Generally, all they need is a bed to snuggle in and some space to stretch their legs.
As for weather conditions, they’ll need some extra ventilation during the hot summer months and a dog coat or jacket to use throughout the winter. Nevertheless, they can typically adapt to most living conditions.

This is one of the most important reasons why they’re not among the breeds that often make it to dog shelters.


6) They’re fairly low maintenance. 

Rico the Frenchie wearing the Checkered Flag Dog Windbreaker during the fall shedding season
Rico the Frenchie wearing the Checkered Flag Dog Windbreaker during the fall shedding season.


Although bulldogs are typically expensive, they’re a fairly low maintenance breed. Not only do they shy away from rigorous physical activity, they also don’t need you to fuss too much about their grooming. 
Both Frenchies and English bulldogs have short coats that are easy to maintain. There’s not much to complain about in terms of shedding, although they will shed quite heavily twice a year.

Nevertheless, a dog hoodie often does the trick of managing shed hair during shedding season.


7) They’re typically talented.

Pepsi the French Bulldog wearing the WOOF Dog Hoodie in White while skateboarding
Pepsi the French Bulldog wearing the WOOF Dog Hoodie in White while skateboarding.


Bulldogs aren’t exactly known for their intelligence. In fact, the French bulldog ranks #58 in the Dog Intelligence Ranking while the English bulldog ranks #77. Dogs at these levels might take up to 100 repetitions before they master a trick, and will only obey 3-4 times out of 10.
Bulldogs might not be the brightest, but they’re actually pretty talented. Although it’s true that many will simply boast a talent for sleeping, several have been known for amazing skills in activities like skateboarding or surfing. Nurture your pup’s curiosity and confidence, and you might unlock some amazing ability.


8) They’re awfully affectionate.

Nala the Frenchie looking up at her mom while wearing the Monogram Walk Set
Nala the Frenchie looking up at her mom while wearing the Monogram Walk Set.


Young pups might be playful and energetic, but they quickly calm down with age and prefer to relax on the couch with their humans. French bulldogs and English bulldogs alike love attention and have their own ways of showing affection. 
Among the most common ways your bulldog shows you affection are snuggling with you and asking for pets. These dogs are also able to develop strong connections to their humans, especially to children with whom they grow up.


9) They all look unique.

A lilac Frenchie wearing the Zig-Zag Reflective Dog Raincoat
A lilac Frenchie wearing the Zig-Zag Reflective Dog Raincoat.


Both French and English bulldogs come in a multitude of coat types. They can be solid-colored, black-masked, piebald, or have brindle markings.

They can be white, cream, fawn, or a combination of these colors. There are even rare bulldog colors, especially for Frenchies.
Because of all these variances in coat colors and markings, all bulldogs are unique in appearance. It would be difficult to find two that look identical. So, they tend to give you an immense sense of pride in their uniqueness.


10) They’re incredibly photogenic.

Pepsi the Frenchie wearing a Cuban Link Dog Collar and a Jewelry Tag
Pepsi the Frenchie wearing a Cuban Link Dog Collar and a Jewelry Tag.


Their uniqueness combined with their irresistible looks makes them incredibly fun to dress up. Additionally, their need for extra layers in the cold has made them among the most models of dog fashion. In fact, they’re probably the most popular breed among dog influencers

The bulldog’s calm demeanor further makes them excellent subjects for photography. They’re happy to don various dog accessories and pose for a photo. The best part is that it doesn’t take a professional photographer to get Instagram-worthy shots.


Dog accessories like Cuban link chains turn charming bulldogs into dazzling, photogenic pets. But these breeds are so much more than gorgeous mascots in dog hoodies and handsome dog models that turn heads and prompt us to shop for our own pups.

They’re sweet, goofy, and affectionate breeds that bring us cheer and laughter. In return, they don’t ask for much more than a little bit of attention, and perhaps a treat or two.