Ultra Soft Activewear Dog Harness - Green

£26.00 GBP

This human-performance-wear inspired harness is soft, comfy and durable. 

  • Soft & lightweight: made with human athletic fabrics
  • Ultra soft and flexible: extra cushioning around torso
  • Perfect fit: adjustable straps around neck and body
  • Recommended for dogs 5lbs - 50lbs 

Upgrade to our Walk Set (which includes the matching Waterproof Leash and Poop Bag Holder) and SAVE 20%!

We will process your order within 3 business days and provide step by step tracking for the package through email and SMS.
Location Business Days
United States 6 to 12
Canada 8 to 12
Australia & NZ 4 to 10
United Kingdom 5 to 10
Germany 5 to 10
Italy 5 to 10
France 5 to 10
Japan 5 to 10
Rest of EU 5 to 12
Rest of World 10 to 20

We will gladly help you initiate a return or exchange within 30 days of receiving the items as long as the items are in brand new condition, in original tags and packaging, and free of odor and dog hair. 

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Harness: Nylon, Poly, Lyca, blended base, woven webbing straps, coated alloy D-rings.
Leash: PVC poly coated webbing strap, alloy screw hooks and buckle, coated alloy D-rings.
Poop Bag Holder: Soft nylon fabric, coated alloy hooks.

Harness: Refer to size guide
Standard Leash: 55 inch L x 3/4 inch W
Large Leash:  55 inch L x 1 inch W 
Poop Bag Holder: 2 inch Width x 1 inch Height

Harness: Machine wash cold, hang dry
Leash: Wipe with water
Pop Bag Holder: Machine wash cold, hang dry

Size Guide

Search your dogs size by breed or use the size chart below to measure

Inches Neck Chest
XS 9" - 12" 9" - 14"
S 10" - 14" 12" - 18"
M 12" - 17" 15" - 23"
L 15" - 21" 19" - 28"
XL 17" - 25" 24" - 27"
Inches Neck Chest
XS 22cm - 30cm 24cm - 36cm
S 26cm - 36cm 32cm - 45cm
M 32cm - 44cm 38cm - 58cm
L 38cm - 54cm 48cm - 72cm
XL 44cm - 64cm 60cm - 96cm

Pick a breed that is the closest to your dog

Showing sizes for :
Size Breed Weight (lbs)
N/A Smaller American Bulldog 60-80
N/A Larger American Bulldog 80-100
XL Smaller American Staffordshire Terrier 40-55
XL Larger American Staffordshire Terrier 55-70
M Smaller Basenji 15-25
L Larger Basenji 25-40
M Smaller Beagle 15-25
L Average Beagle 25-35
L Larger Beagle 35-45
S Smaller Bichon Frise 10-15
M Larger Bichon Frise 15-25
S Smaller Boston Terrier 10-15
M Average Boston Terrier 15-25
L Larger Boston Terrier 25-35
N/A Smaller Boxer 60-80
N/A Larger Boxer 80-100
N/A Average Cane Corso 90-115
S Smaller Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 10-15
M Larger Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 15-25
XS Smaller Chihuahua 5-10
S Larger Chihuahua 10-15
M Smaller Cocker Spaniel 15-25
L Larger Cocker Spaniel 25-35
L Smaller Corgi 20-30
XL Larger Corgi 30-40
S Smaller Dachshund 10-15
M Larger Dachshund 15-25
N/A Smaller Doberman Pinscher 60-80
N/A Larger Doberman Pinscher 80-100
XL Smaller English Bulldog 40-50
XL Larger English Bulldog 50-65
S Smaller French Bulldog 10-15
M Average French Bulldog 15-25
L Larger French Bulldog 25-35
S Smaller Jack Russel Terrier 10-15
M Larger Jack Russel Terrier 15-25
S Smaller Maltese 10-15
M Larger Maltese 15-25
S Smaller Mini Poodle 10-15
M Larger Mini Poodle 15-25
XS Smaller Miniature Pinscher 5-10
S Larger Miniature Pinscher 10-15
S Smaller Miniature Schnauzer 10-15
M Average Miniature Schnauzer 15-25
N/A Smaller Pitbull 60-80
N/A Larger Pitbull 80-100
S Smaller Pomeranian 10-15
M Larger Pomeranian 15-25
S Smaller Pug 10-15
M Average Pug 15-25
L Larger Pug 25-35
N/A Smaller Rottweiler 60-80
N/A Larger Rottweiler 80-100
XL Smaller Shar Pei 45-60
N/A Larger Shar Pei 60-80
M Smaller Shiba Inu 15-25
L Larger Shiba Inu 25-35
S Smaller Shih Tzu 10-15
M Larger Shih Tzu 15-25
L Smaller Staffordshire Bull Terrier 30-45
XL Average Staffordshire Bull Terrier 45-60
N/A Larger Staffordshire Bull Terrier 60-80
XL Smaller Standard Poodle 45-60
N/A Larger Standard Poodle 60-80
XS Smaller Yorkshire Terrier 5-10
S Larger Yorkshire Terrier 10-15
Size Breed Weight (kg)
N/A Smaller American Bulldog 27-36
N/A Larger American Bulldog 36-45
XL Smaller American Staffordshire Terrier 18-25
XL Larger American Staffordshire Terrier 25-32
M Smaller Basenji 7-11
L Larger Basenji 11-18
M Smaller Beagle 7-11
L Average Beagle 11-16
L Larger Beagle 16-20
S Smaller Bichon Frise 5-7
M Larger Bichon Frise 7-11
S Smaller Boston Terrier 5-7
M Average Boston Terrier 7-11
L Larger Boston Terrier 11-16
N/A Smaller Boxer 27-36
N/A Larger Boxer 36-45
N/A Average Cane Corso 41-52
S Smaller Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 5-7
M Larger Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 7-11
XS Smaller Chihuahua 2-5
S Larger Chihuahua 5-7
M Smaller Cocker Spaniel 7-11
L Larger Cocker Spaniel 11-16
L Smaller Corgi 9-14
XL Larger Corgi 14-18
S Smaller Dachshund 5-7
M Larger Dachshund 7-11
N/A Smaller Doberman Pinscher 27-36
N/A Larger Doberman Pinscher 36-45
XL Smaller English Bulldog 18-23
XL Larger English Bulldog 23-30
S Smaller French Bulldog 5-7
M Average French Bulldog 7-11
L Larger French Bulldog 11-16
S Smaller Jack Russel Terrier 5-7
M Larger Jack Russel Terrier 7-11
S Smaller Maltese 5-7
M Larger Maltese 7-11
S Smaller Mini Poodle 5-7
M Larger Mini Poodle 7-11
XS Smaller Miniature Pinscher 2-5
S Larger Miniature Pinscher 5-7
S Smaller Miniature Schnauzer 5-7
M Average Miniature Schnauzer 7-11
N/A Smaller Pitbull 27-36
N/A Larger Pitbull 36-45
S Smaller Pomeranian 5-7
M Larger Pomeranian 7-11
S Smaller Pug 5-7
M Average Pug 7-11
L Larger Pug 11-16
XL Smaller Rottweiler 27-36
N/A Larger Rottweiler 36-45
XL Smaller Shar Pei 20-27
N/A Larger Shar Pei 27-36
M Smaller Shiba Inu 7-11
L Larger Shiba Inu 11-16
S Smaller Shih Tzu 5-7
M Larger Shih Tzu 7-11
L Smaller Staffordshire Bull Terrier 14-20
XL Average Staffordshire Bull Terrier 20-27
N/A Larger Staffordshire Bull Terrier 27-36
XL Smaller Standard Poodle 20-27
N/A Larger Standard Poodle 27-36
XS Smaller Yorkshire Terrier 2-5
S Larger Yorkshire Terrier 5-7


Measure the widest part of your dog's neck where the collar would naturally sit.



Measure around the largest part of your dogs chest, just behind their forelimbs.


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